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EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as tapping, is a great tool for resolving past trauma and painful memories so they no longer have a hold on you or negatively impact how you think about yourself and the world. I tend to weave EFT into the work I do because progress happens more quickly than with talk therapy alone and the results are often quite profound.


EFT is a proven technique that gently and permanently releases emotional pain, self limiting beliefs, and negative thoughts. EFT involves tapping on 10 different pressure points using your own hands. Emotional pain can often be eliminated with just one session and is helpful for any issue in your life. I specialize in using EFT for self-esteem, grief, body acceptance, and chronic pain. I use EFT because it is proven, effective, and gentle. Every client I work with is unique and EFT is by no means my only tool. Our work together is collaborative. We will always be in dialogue about what is working for you and where we are headed next to help you reach your goals.

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When using EFT to work on issues related to self-esteem, we might tap to release old limiting beliefs that keep you from feeling good about yourself and living the life you want to live. We might identify early childhood memories that put these beliefs in place and tap to release those memories. Then, we replace those beliefs with more positive empowering ideas about who you are and who you want to be in the world. Using EFT for self-esteem helps you to step into confidence, self-compassion, and trust in yourself.


When using EFT to work on body acceptance or neutrality, our goal is to find peace with the body you have right now. We do this by identifying cultural issues and messages that have been absorbed.  We then release them, tapping on specific issues you might have with your body.  We may also tap on specific life experiences that created the negative beliefs you have about your body.
Using EFT for body acceptance and neutrality will transform your relationship with your body and liberate you from diet culture.


Grief tends to work in its own way and on its own schedule. With EFT, we release any emotions and issues that complicate that grief and allow it to pass through you with greater ease. We may also tap on any traumatic or painful memories related to the loss. Using EFT for grief allows pain to be released as you move through the process.


When using EFT to address chronic pain, we tap to relieve the intensity of the symptoms.  Then, we go deeper by releasing emotions related to the pain itself, memories connected to the onset of the pain and, in many cases, the medical trauma related to the pain. Using EFT for chronic pain offers ease and relief for many of my clients. 

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