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Therapy is different for everyone and often not what it looks like on TV or in the movies. In some ways, it’s pretty simple. We talk about what’s up for you, any struggles you might have, and what you would like to change. I approach each session with curiosity and we work together to understand what’s going on and figure out what’s needed for your success.

I generally work in two ways:

The first is top down, meaning we look at what is most pressing in the moment, what is causing you the most pain, anxiety, discomfort, etc.  Once that is clear, I then offer concrete tools to help you find relief and ease. This might include communication or boundary setting tools, breathing and mindfulness strategies, tapping techniques or self-care skills.

I also work from the bottom up. This means that together we will look at what may have happened in your past that is preventing you from being happy and at peace. We might use EFT to release trauma and pain to heal old wounds, gaining clarity and freedom. Ultimately you know best what you need to heal;  my role is to guide you through that process in a safe and supportive way. Sometimes there’s crying, sometimes not. In my practice, we often will laugh, together. 

My goal is to help you through the hard stuff as gently as possible and to support you in creating the life you want. If you are not sure what to say, I will help you. If you are worried about being judged, I assure you, I will accept you as you are. This is your time to feel heard and seen, to say what you need to say and uncover the truth about yourself.

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Rachel Kuhn, LMHC
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