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I reached out to Rachel for a specific concern, but she was able to help with an array of issues including body image issues, disordered eating, anxiety and trauma. We used EFT / Tapping for many of our sessions which was very effective and I continue to use the techniques on my own with great results.  Rachel is compassionate, understanding, accessible and empathetic and she always made me feel comfortable throughout our time together. I would highly recommend her to anyone!


Starting therapy with Rachel was the best choice I have made in my adult life. Rachel explained to me the science behind my anxiety and gave me the tools I needed to manage and be my best self.  She is flexible, friendly, and easy to talk to. Although we
no longer meet on a regular basis, she is always a phone call away and is always willing to make room in her schedule for a check in. She has seriously made my life so much better! Thank you, Rachel, for all you do!


I don’t say this lightly, but Rachel Kuhn has changed me forever. Before I met her, I was struggling with huge life changes, grief, anxiety, and all the covid things. She was so easy to connect with, even over video. Most importantly, she validated all of it and gave me the best tools to understand what I was going through, cope with immediatenmchallenges, and grow into understanding myself and how I fit into the world. I can’t thank her enough for what she has taught me.


Rachel has been an absolute lifesaver to me as I’ve dealt with some chronic anxiety thatwas  heightened as I prepared for a big life transition. She is reflective and supportive in allowing me to talk through what I’m feeling, while her incredible intuition has guided me in better articulating those feelings and coming to new and productive approaches to handling them. All of this has been done on the backdrop of breathing techniques and EFT/Tapping, which have already helped me considerably both in handling acute anxiety symptoms and in better understanding the root causes of those symptoms. I am so grateful for how accessible and supportive she has been and cannot recommend her highly enough.


I have been to many therapists in my 50 years and Rachel is the best by far. She is kind, compassionate, wise and someone I feel very lucky to have on my team. I had never done tapping before in therapy and was dubious, but I found it to be very helpful. One particular issue that I’ve been working on for years was essentially solved in one session of tapping. I will definitely keep seeing Rachel.


No one has ever validated my emotions but also challenged me quite like Rachel. She provides a wonderful balance of support but also reframing and thinking. To think of the person I was before I met Rachel, is to almost think of a different person entirely. She has helped me gain confidence and believe in myself and my feelings in ways that I have never done before. She has been such a comfort in my life for the last 18 months and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her. Through talk therapy and tapping, she has allowed me to work through some pretty difficult things and come out stronger on the other side.


I’ve been in therapy off and on throughout my 58 years for depression, anxiety and food issues. I found Rachel to be among the best I’ve worked with. She is kind and compassionate, yet takes a solutions-oriented approach to treatment. If you are serious about taking action to address past issues that continue to impact your present day life as some other symptom, Rachel is the provider you are seeking.


When I hit a rough patch in life about 2.5 years ago, I reached out to Rachel, and I’m incredibly glad that I did. I had seen therapists before for my anxiety, but I feel like I was able to make the most progress in our sessions and I’m better prepared to handle my anxiety on a daily basis. Rachel is thoughtful, compassionate, knowledgeable, and someone you want in your corner. The techniques she taught me, like breathing and tapping, I will continue to use, and I’m grateful for our sessions where I could speak freely about how I was feeling without fear of judgment. I would highly, highly recommend Rachel!


I cannot say enough good things about my sessions with Rachel. During the pandemic she was the only one who made the time to fit me into her schedule. I had hit that place in my life that “doing it alone” wasn’t working anymore. Rachel is gentle, kind and offers enlightenment even through difficulties. We worked with EFT and I was able to really navigate through issues I thought would take me a lifetime if ever to heal and accept. I came to look forward to our sessions and I found release from traumas and changes in life that otherwise seemed impossible. Rachel also gave me multiple resources that I still use to this day which have really come in handy. I can with confidence say that without my sessions with Rachel and my own commitment to myself I would not have been able to move past these issues and find a new love and respect for myself. I highly recommend her and hope you find your path to a healthier and happier you!


Rachel is incredibly knowledgeable and patient with my various hurdles in life. I feel atease and know she has my best interest in mind. We all need a Rachel in our lives!


I highly recommend Rachel as a wise, compassionate, and experienced therapist. The EFT tapping that she uses is the most transformative technique that I have ever come across for releasing long-held trauma, self-limiting beliefs, and emotional reactivity. The client I referred to Rachel gives glowing reports about their work together and has thanked me more than once for connecting them. Rachel is a trusted colleague whom I admire very much.

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